Here’s Why I Think This Biotech Stock Is a Sleeping Giant That Could Go Up 450%

Nick Martin – October 21, 2020

February 21 is a day many of my readers remember because those of them who invested in the stock I talked about went on to make 700% in profits…

Because on February 21, at the very beginning of the sanitary crisis, I wrote an article about “CODX” and called it an immediate strong buy at $3 per share.

The crisis then intensified and CODX’s test kits started selling like hot buns.

The result? In under 90 days, the share price reached $23 and my readers locked in 700%+ profits.

Those who invested in that “underdog” at the time will forever remember when they made the wise choice of taking a gamble and jumping in head first as the profits turned out to be enormous.

While “CODX” has come and gone, I continue looking for other opportunities and I believe that I’ve found another high-potential stock worth writing about.

The company is called Bionovate Technologies Corp [Ticker: BIIO]

BIIO is in my opinion a sleeping giant despite the fact that the stock’s price has doubled over the last few weeks. What this tells me is that something big is brewing.

The patents BIIO owns are the result of extensive R&D with Israel’s largest university of medicine and most prominent professors in cancer detection technologies.

I spent a good amount of time going over what BIIO has and what they’ve made public regarding their plans to develop their novel cancer detection tools… and I am certain that BIIO is a hidden gem. It could in fact be one of the most exciting biotech plays in this specific field.

It’s a stock that very few know about for the time being but if my hunch is right, we could be looking at another CODX-in-the-making.

Readers who missed out on the chance to invest in CODX and make 700% back when I mentioned it in February should really consider BIIO.

Buying even just a few hundred shares of BIIO could yield profits of over $10,000 in the possible scenario that the price jumps to $30 or more.

The stock symbol for your online brokerage or to give to your broker over the phone is: BIIO and it’s currently rated a Strong Buy at around $10 per share.

Note that robinhood doesn’t work for these up and coming stocks. I recommend TDAmeritrade, Etrade, Charles Schwab or Vanguard. Or you can try placing the order directly at your bank which usually works.