Here’s Why This Stock Could Jump 300% Within 60 days.

Nick Martin – October 21, 2020

Thousands of regular folks have become millionaires from trading stocks the last few months and new success stories continue happening daily.

On February 21, at the beginning of the sanitary crisis, I wrote an article on another financial paper where I called the biotech stock “CODX” an immediate strong buy at $3 per share.

The crisis then quickly worsened and CODX’s new test kits started selling like hot buns…

In under 90 days, CODX’s share price reached $23 and my readers locked in 700%+ profits.

While that opportunity is now gone, I’ve just come across another company I believe could make investors a lot of money too…

Pretty much every single home and business in the world is going to continuously need to buy face masks, hand gel and other products to reduce the presence of the virus. This means a consistent flow of revenues for companies selling products that people need to keep on buying.

The hand sanitizer market alone has grown 600% between 2019 and 2020 and is expected to grow another few hundred percent in the next 12-36 months.

Earlier last month, Biolife Sciences (Symbol: BLFE) began trading as a public company on the stock market and announced the launch of a vertical lineup of antibacterial tech that’s extremely effective in dealing with viruses.

The stock could easily jump 300%+ in the next 8 weeks and pass $5 per share.

BioLife Sciences offers a 360° solution to sanitization with an exclusive product range called Eco-Safe that includes gels, sprays, ultraviolet tech, human temperature screening tech with AI integration, large sanitization machines (for example to sanitize luggage at airports) and much more.

The company’s products cater to both families at home and businesses across America with solutions that are effective and that we need to buy.

BioLife Sciences’ products could easily become part of everyday life for millions of Americans.

I do believe that those who don’t buy BLFE today may regret it later, just like those who missed out on the 700% gains that CODX delivered following my recommendation.

BLFE is a no-brainer right now because it has gone down a lot in the last two weeks and I think that everyone buying now is getting a really good discount before it jumps again. It’s basically the perfect time to get in.

The symbol to buy with your online brokerage or to give to your broker on the phone is: BLFE

Placing a “Buy” order at “market” price will guarantee you get shares for sure before the price moves up again.

Note: Robinhood doesn’t work to buy this stock. You’ll need TDameritrade, Etrade or another similar brokerage account.