This Biotech Stock Could Soar 500% By Christmas

Published by: John McNeil

Oncology Pharma, Inc. (Symbol: ONPH) is a San Francisco-based biotech company that has been making headlines after going from $0.40 per share to over $10 this year.

It is one of the most profitable biotech stocks of 2021, and it could be about to make investors as much as 500% by Christmas.

This could effectively turn $5,000 into over $25,000 in the next 60-90 days.

The company is developing novel cancer therapies which the scientific community has called breakthroughs.

This type of breakthroughs happen once in a generation and could lead to massive disruptions across the field of oncology.

All of this has been possible thanks to the vision of Dr. Vijay Mahant and his team.

He is the company’s lead scientist and is quite literally a genius.

He has a MS., Ph.D.  and first post-doctorate from LUT (UK) and a second post-doctorate from UT Health Science Center in Houston, Texas and he spent his entire life working on solutions to solve the cancer epidemic.

He’s been awarded more than 30 patents with 10 more currently pending and has authored numerous publications in journals and science books.

Dr. Vijay is widely known to be one of the most preeminent oncology experts in the world and has developed several FDA-approved products with huge revenues.

This is why it should come as no surprise that ONPH has seen its share price jump more than 1,000% in the last months.

Dr. Vijay reminds us of Elon Musk: the man who took Tesla from $3 per share to over $700 and made investors who believed in him extremely rich in the process.

ONPH’s share price has retraced in the last couple of months but analysts believe that the stock is primed for a massive run toward $40 again.

This is why the time to act is now, while shares can still be scooped up at a discount.

A good price to buy ONPH now is around $14 before it jumps higher.