Here’s Why I Think This Biotech Stock Could Soar 400%

Nick Martin – January 16, 2021

“February 21” is a date many of my readers remember because it’s the day on which I wrote an article about the biotech stock “CODX” and called it a strong buy at $3 per share.

The sanitary crisis then sent CODX’s share price to $23 in the following 90 days, allowing my readers to make around 700% profits.

Those who invested in that “underdog” at the time will forever remember taking a small gamble to make big profits… a gamble that quickly paid off.

While “CODX” has come and gone, I believe there is another stock which is poised to deliver similar gains this year.

The company is called Bionovate Technologies Corp [Ticker: BIIO]

There is no sector hotter than biotech at the moment. Even Warren Buffett agrees…

He just invested in Pfizer, Merck, Bristol Myers Squibb and Abbvie but the truth is that while these investments may be good for a large group like his Berkshire Hathaway, the upside potential (5-10% per year) is just not attractive for investors like us who need to hit it out of the park on one big stock (like CODX earlier this year for example).

Bionovate Technologies Corp is in my opinion a sleeping giant. A stock that could follow in the footsteps of other big biotech winners and jump 400% or more in the next months.

Despite the fact that Moderna and Pfizer are both launching effective vaccines, it will take years before the population is fully immunized and in the meantime COVID tests will still be critical in controlling the spread of the virus at millions of locations such as schools, businesses and airports.

BIIO’s Digital Diagnostics AG (Digid) has developed cutting-edge technology which detects COVID in real time using a smartphone connected to their 99% accurate device. The software also feeds real-time data to governments who are then able to determine the general health of an area.

The company said they’ve filed for FDA approval which is fast tracked for medical devices.

Can you guess what could happen to the share price of BIIO the moment approval is granted?

The proprietary “Digid” platform on which this test is built is revolutionary and has been covered extensively by the scientific community who’s called it a “breakthrough”. The company has invented a patch which sticks to the skin and which can feed real time data to people’s smartphones. The data feed can basically be anything from COVID19 detection to the flu, sugar levels, cholesterol and much more, all in real time.

Moreover, BIIO owns patents which are the result of extensive R&D with Israel’s largest university of medicine and most prominent professors in cancer detection technologies, another field where I believe BIIO could shine, especially if they can couple cancer detection with the skin-patch tech.

At $19 per share, BIIO is a solid investment that has potential to reach $80 very soon.

The stock symbol if you want to buy shares before it jumps higher is: BIIO

Note: robinhood doesn’t work to buy this. I recommend TDAmeritrade, Etrade, Charles Schwab or Vanguard. Or you can try placing the order directly at your bank which usually works.