This Biotech Stock Could Jump +800% on a Short Squeeze

Nick Martin – March 8, 2021

Oncology Pharma, Inc. (Symbol: ONPH) is a San Francisco-based biotech company that has been making one blockbuster announcement after the next.

Despite these huge announcements, short sellers have been shorting it, so much in fact that data shows it could be the most “shorted” biotech stock in America right now.

There is apparently 950%+ of short interest in the stock which means that the upside potential could be practically unlimited as the short squeeze continues.

ONPH could squeeze short sellers to over $300 per share!

This could become the biggest short squeeze of 2021, especially as investors like us buy shares and the company continues announcing massive news.

It would make GameStop’s squeeze look like child’s play.

ONPH is developing, manufacturing, and commercializing novel cancer therapies which are regarded as scientific breakthroughs in the field.

The type of breakthroughs which could lead to this massive industry being disrupted overnight.

And this isn’t thanks to sheer luck… ONPH’s lead scientist is quite literally a genius:

Dr. Vijay Mahant received his MS., Ph.D.  and first post-doctorate from LUT (UK).

While most people would be satisfied with this… Dr. Vijay wasn’t… He carried on and received his second post-doctorate from UT Health Science Center at Houston/MD Anderson, TX, USA).

He has been issued 30 patents so far with 10 more currently pending and has authored publications in journals and science books throughout the world.

He has developed several FDA-approved products with multi-million dollars in revenues and continues his role of advising Batu Biologics, CHIPSA Hospital, Trutino Biosciences, TulyNode and Immunicom to name just a few.

Dr. Vijay Mahant reminds me of Elon Musk and could very well be his equivalent in the biotech industry.

ONPH could make investors over 800% very quickly as the stock continues gaining traction and squeezing short sellers.

Those who don’t invest in ONPH will most likely regret it in a few weeks.

The symbol to buy with your online brokerage or to give to your broker on the phone is: ONPH

Readers considering ONPH should get in now at $39 per share before it jumps higher.